Tuesday, December 16, 2008

To the left: The South Pole International PAX Terminal. I don't know that we actually fly international without a stop in McMurdo. But anyways it's really the fuels office. It is a "solar shack". On the outside of the plywood is all painted black to "warm" us up. It helps, but the space heaters do the job!

This is my fellow fuelie pulling the aviation hose away from the LC-130. Look close and you can tell that the props never stop running during this operation. Naturally it's because of the cold, they don't shut the engines down.

That's me, walking from under the plane. Best part of the job!

This is the fuelie crew at the geographical South Pole of the whole world! You can see some black dots under the sign, that is the cermonial South Pole. The station looks so good after the siding has been put on, that darn siding crew was good last year! But for this year, fuels rules!

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