Monday, February 9, 2009

The South Pole from the Air

I was chosen to go on the Aerial Photo Mission and this is what I shot...
Above is the Flight Deck, where us fuelies work.
This is "Summer Camp", where half of the population of South Pole lives in the summer. I live in Jamesway 4, which is the bottom left unit.

The new elevated South Pole Station.

This is a shot of the "Dome" that was the main station from the early 70's till just a few years ago. Next to the Dome is the new elevated South Pole Station where most activites, business and meals(most important) take place.

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I am in the middle of nowhere!" That was the first thing I was reminded by when we got up in that plane. I have been at the South Pole since October 27, but very much had forgotten where we are or are not until I got up in the air to see our little station.

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AllisonLynn said...

Whoa! Your photos put the station in great perspective! I pulled these up at work today, and everyone was ohhing and ahhing. They think you should make a book out of all of your Antarctic shots!